The Sacred Garden

The Sacred Garden was created under “divine orders.”

I know, it sounds funny but it is the truth. In 2005, my husband Steve and I bought this beautiful property with a run down 10,000 sq ft greenhouse on it—an old orchid farm full of dead plants and live weeds. The roof was partially blown off, and it was dark literally and figuratively. A few years previous the owners got caught smuggling drugs in the orchids and the energy of that kind of activity was trapped in the greenhouse.

A wonderful nurseryman ended up renting the space and began to transform it back into a working nursery, but unfortunately due to other obligations, he was rarely there. Thus people would venture down the winding path to the then Maliko Farms, only to find the doors closed and no one there.

Every time we attempted to subltet a portion of the greenhouse to someone else to assist him, I would get this strong feeling inside of me accompanied by the thought, “No! YOU need to get involved.” I immediately resisted this guidance! ME? NO! I am not a gardener! I am a relationship advisor, a labyrinth facilitator, an author, a speaker, an educator…I am NOT a gardener!” but again the “voice “would repeat, “YOU need to get involved.” Again, I would resist. The more I resisted the more persistent the voice became. Finally, “It” said loudly, “Your name is EVE! Get in the garden!”

So I finally decided to listen and the garden began to unfold one magical element after the next.


Slowly but surely, piece by piece, different aspects of the garden developed—and continue to do so. Now, we are a destination on Maui sought out by locals and visitors a like as a place of respite, peace, safety and serenity in the beauty of nature.