Welcome to the Sacred Garden


A  nursery, a peace sanctuary, a retreat destination, a botanical garden, and a temple!

Inspiration, creativity, beauty and peace are the undeniable themes of the garden.

FREE and open 7-days a week for the public to enjoy!
Everyday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Donations are gratefully accepted!

The Sacred Garden is the happy home of:

  • A variety of plants, Living Shrines, Fairy Gardens and great ideas
  • Two walking labyrinths,
  • Meditation gardens,
  • Picnic or sitting areas.
Beautiful Balinese Buddha at The Sacred Garden, Maui
Beautiful Balinese Buddha at The Sacred Garden, Maui

The Sacred Garden is run by the  Divine Nature Alliance, a 501(c)3, public charity which generously sponsors the entrance fee so the garden remains FREE to the public. We are spiritual, but non-denominational such that people from all cultures, religions and walks of life will feel welcome by our lovely staff and in our sacred space.

Nursery: The Sacred Garden is primarily housed inside a 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse. Since plants are always coming and going, it is difficult to tell you exactly what we carry. However, we typically have an assortment of orchids, tropicals, succulents, water plants, palms and anthuriums, to name a few.

nurseryorchidsWe specialize in “GIFT PLANTS ” —plants and dish gardens ready to take to a birthday party, a baby shower, the hospital, a housewarming present or other gift giving occasion. Feel free to call and inquire about availability. The plants are both for sale and for our beautiful displays (so some are not for sale, and some are our “mother” plants from which we propagate.

There are a lot of fun things to do in the garden...plan at least an hour for your visit! Kids love the garden and teens love it too!

The Sacred Garden is home to the world’s most Beautiful Buddha. No matter what your religious beliefs or background, you will recognize the beauty and serenity of The Sacred Garden Buddha. Come, sit, breathe….

7circuitLabyrinths: The Sacred Garden has two labyrinths—one Chartres Cathedral style and one Universal Labyrinth. The labyrinths are offered as contemplative paths for respite, stress reduction, self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Guidelines for walking the labyrinth are simple…walk with an open heart and an open mind. Everything you experience on the labyrinth is symbolic or metaphoric of what you need to see in yourself. We offer a Full Moon Labyrinth Walk monthly. Join us!

marblequanyinThe “Mother Shrine” is a small shrine room open to the public for a more private meditation setting and for coaching/guidance sessions. The shrine honors the female embodiments of God—Tara, Quan Yin, Mary, Durga, Kali, Laksmi, Radhika, …to name a few.

The upper level of the garden is known as our “Gratitude Garden” where we have provided sitting areas, picnic tables, and Gratitude and Blessing stones commemorating our Donors and Supporters. We have a stunning Jade Vine that blooms several times a year on the upper deck!

All of the proceeds from your purchases as well as your donations are used to support The Sacred Garden and other DNA community projects. The donations are also used for continuous improvements for your enjoyment, the ability to provide the space to the public and social service groups at no or little cost, and a variety of other social service projects. THANK YOU!

PEACE: The first thing you will notice when you come to the garden is the tangible feeling of peace. Then, the overwhelming beauty will strike you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to cry, or stay for a while…or return often. The garden is nestled in the bottom of Maliko Gulch, one of the most unique geologic features on the island—a deep gulch that extends all the way from the upper slopes of Haleakala to the ocean. There is a seasonal stream on the property that ranges throughout the year from a dry stream bed, to a raging river. It is amazing to see the constantly changing landscape that moving water creates!

Parking: There is both off road parking and on road parking at the garden, but space is limited so please be mindful of others when you park to allow for the maximum number of cars in the lot. PLEASE DO NOT BACK OUT OF THE PARKING LOT as we are located on a hairpin turn with limited visibility.

upperleveltablePicnics: We have sitting areas and you are welcome to bring a picnic to the garden. Please plan to clean up after yourselves!

Visiting Groups, Maui Retreats, School Field Trips, Spousal Programs, Convention Groups and Organizations are all welcome at the garden without prior arrangement. However, if you would like a presentation, workshop or facilitated Labyrinth Walk by Founder and Executive Director Eve Hogan, please contact us ahead of time for reservations.

The Sacred Garden property also has two permitted vacation rentals that are not part of the non-profit but from which full access to the property is granted. We have an adorable studio cottage known as the Gingerbread House ,as well as a five-bedroom, genuine log house which is great for family gatherings, retreats, reunions, etc.

If nothing else you will leave the garden relaxed and inspired to create your own Sacred Garden at home—mini or life-sized! We specialize in Living Shrines, Fairy Gardens and gift plants.

lovelabyrinthThe Sacred Garden property has a fascinating history including stories that Jimi Hendrix stayed here in the 70’s when Jimi filmed Rainbow Bridge. Janice Joplin reportedly partied here as well. Since we took over the property Alanis Morissette, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Ram Das —among other steller beings —have visited the gardens.

Maliko Gulch is a powerful place and has a history of its own, as well, as it posed a daunting feature through which the early settlers had to overcome when transporting water from the east side of the island to the drier sides.

Eve Hogan Labyrinth Facilitator

Eve Eschner Hogan is the Executive Director of the Divine Nature Alliance and founder of The Sacred Garden and is an inspirational speaker, labyrinth facilitator and author of several books that can be found in The Sacred Garden store. Eve is available to present to your groups, facilitate labyrinth walks or provide full retreats for your organization. Feel free to contact us with your needs so that we can assist you.