Divine Nature Alliance

tshirtlogoPeaceBumperBWsmDivine Nature Alliance aka DNA is a non-profit public charity 501(c)3 that provides opportunities for people to experience peace and harmony.

The Divine Nature Alliance underwrites the entrance fee to The Sacred Garden for locals and tourists alike so that everyone has the opportunity to experience peace and serenity.

Divine Nature Alliance (DNA) is dedicated to:
o Education-focused on horticulture, nature awareness, self-esteem, relationship skills, spiritual awakening, creativity and the experience of peace and beauty.

o Rejuvenation-offering access to beautiful places of retreat, respite, peace, serenity and tranquility where one can be alone (or in groups) safely, in nature.

o Inspiration– providing opportunities and environments that inspire people to access their own inner wisdom, stimulate creative ideas and instill a desire to take action in one’s own life-whether that is to deepen their spiritual life, grow a garden, do an art project or take steps toward more harmonious relationships with their loved ones.

DNA Vision: Our vision is that people know, and live in alignment with, their source of spiritual connection within, and recognize that essence in others and in nature.

DNA Mission: Divine Nature Alliance provides an invitation, education and opportunities for people to connect with nature as a source of rejuvenation, inspiration and peace, and to discover, access or explore their own nature as a source of wisdom, strength, creativity, and compassion, and the ability to heal and grow.

Kids meditatingThe Invitation: We ask you to become self-observant and make it your personal practice to choose peace. Then bring this commitment, through action, to every moment of your day. Simply put, we invite you to: Train Your Brain to Start with Heart.

When one gains access to the well of wisdom, compassion, strength and creativity within them, they are well-equipped to live powerful lives.

The Divine Nature Alliance lights the way.

100% of your purchases and donations support The Sacred Garden and the DNA.

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