Peace Starts Here

In the 21st century, we must be capable of finding ways to bring about peace other than waging a war. WE MUST WAGE A PEACE!

Let’s do more than pray for world peace, let’s claim our part in it,
Peace Starts Here!”




 “It is more difficult to organize a peace than to win a war;

but the fruits of victory will be lost if the peace is not organized.”


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

 —Jimi Hendrix


logopewterThe Insight: In this day and age there is a lot of talk about the desire for world peace. However, in order to achieve this, we must start closer to home. We will not be effective in bringing about world peace when our own communities are at unrest, when our own homes contain domestic violence and when individuals are full of self-hatred. In order to create peace on this planet, we must access the peace in our own hearts. Once reached, we must bring that peace back out into the world and share it with those around us.

The “100th monkey theory” demonstrated the concept that if enough of us hold a vision, set an intention and act on it, that somehow that intention begins to impact others automatically while seemingly unaware. While the Peace Starts Here Movement may not be able to reach everyone directly, with enough critical mass we can raise enough awareness and gain enough commitment to peace that we create peace on planet earth. By encouraging people to train their brain to start with heart, we can change human behavior the world round.

The Mission: Our mission is to create a world in which peace, respect and compassion are the norm and the known choice of every individual and violence, war, and abuse are an abnormality and scarce. We are supporting people in making the decision to care for themselves, each other and the planet we live on. We are encouraging people to get outside in nature for rejuvenation and inspiration. Peace starts with respect for self and others. Respect starts with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge and awareness start with education and heart-opening experiences. That starts here, with the Peace Starts Here movement.

tshirtlogoThe Peace Starts Here movement is not waging a war, we are waging a peace. Each of us is a critical piece of the peace puzzle.

The Commitment: The Peace Starts Here Project is committed to providing environments for, and education on how to access inner peace and relationship skills for sharing that peace with others.

The Organization: The Peace Starts Here movement is run by the Divine Nature Alliance, a 501(c)3 public charity.

Women Waging Peace— a collaboration between the Divine Nature Alliance and women’s organizations all over the world such as the Women’s Information Network, AAUW, Soroptomists, with the awareness that women are the mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and lovers of the men who wage war. We raise and support these men; it is time for us to raise them as ambassadors of peace.

PeaceBumperBWsmThe Logo Emblem: The Peace Starts Here logo is a powerful reminder that peace starts in our hearts; we must journey the path inward to access it and then bring that sense of peace back out into the world to act on it. This is not just a novel concept but on a global level a matter of life and death as we are at a time in history where our technology and weapons of mass destruction can both destroy our human habitat and all living creatures in the process. On an individual level, our inability to access peace is causing record numbers of suicides, homicides, acts of terrorism and a divorce rate skyrocketing toward 60%. In an era of greater connectivity than ever before in history, we have simultaneously achieved greater isolation and disconnection to others than ever before.


The Projects:

  • Peace Starts Here Logo Products: T-Shirts, pocket stones, necklaces, paperweights for the desk, key chains, lapel pins. These products are meant to be powerful reminders to the individuals that peace starts with them. The logos are put on practical products that will be placed in every day places that people will see often, reminding themselves and others of the mission.
  • Vows: Each Peace Starts Here product will come with a written set of vows to be read, committed to and signed by the purchaser.  This “vow” also serves as an affirmation of peace and each individual’s responsibility for it.

“I am an instrument of peace—first in my heart, then in my home, community and the world. I choose to align my words, thoughts, intentions, actions and choices with my commitment to enhance peace and love on the earth.”

  • In addition, St. Francis’ prayer will be included. While this is in no way a religious movement— it is a spiritual one.

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness, joy. Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love, for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

  • Peace Starts Here Documentary: In the last decade we have seen some radical changes in the consciousness of the masses brought about by documentaries like What the Bleep to we Know? and The Secret. Their wide spread distribution brought about wide spread awareness and even the controversy caused contemplation and discussion on a deeper level than that of the status quo. Even if the pendulum of consciousness and awareness only swung slightly, any movement at all in the direction of personal responsibility and enhanced awareness is an improvement.

The Peace Starts Here documentary will show video clips of people all over the world staking their claim in the peace puzzle, their unique ways of doing so and sharing their tips for achieving inner peace and peace in their relationships both personally and in their communities. In addition, the beauty and serenity of nature will be featured as a way for even the atheist to feel a spiritual sense of peace. We all suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder and need to restructure our lives to reconnect with the earth and nature as our sustaining force. The earth grounds us, feeds us, shelters us, provides for us and we must make our care of our environment a priority in the peace movement. In simpler words, when we destroy the environment, we limit resources. When we limit resources, people become desperate and compete for them. When we are desperate and competitive, we fight. Our relationship to nature is integral to our relationship with our own nature.

  • Peace Starts Here Network: An integral part of the Peace Starts Here movement is the ability to make this concept go viral using the internet. We own and are going to use this web site as a platform for getting the community involved in sharing their peaceful ideas, and their commitment to peace. We will use the immense power of the internet to spread this movement far and wide. We will invite people, groups and organizations to create a short (less than 5 minutes) video clip depicting themselves either in their daily environment, or in your favorite peaceful place stating your name, where you are and your claim that Peace Starts Here or singing a song or performance of peace. We will then use the web site as a platform for sharing the widespread reach of the movement. By showcasing real people’s involvement, we will generate a grassroots launch to the viral spread of this movement.
  • Centers for Peace: It is important the people have safe places to go for inspiration, rejuvenation and education specifically as it relates to peace. The domicile headquarters for the Peace Starts Here movement is here on Maui at The Sacred Garden. The Sacred Garden is a sanctuary dedicated to peace serving the local community, visiting tourists from around the world and non-profit organizations. It is free and open to the public daily and houses two labyrinths, meditation gardens, a non-denominational shrine room for prayer or grieving, a library of personal and spiritual growth books, and places to pray, meditate, picnic, journal or get inspired to create sacred, peaceful environments in their own homes and gardens. Educational workshops are also offered on site. We would like to place at least 3-5 additional Peace Starts Here centers in geographically strategic locations across the globe.
  • Annual Peace Starts Here Conference: As people take their vows of peace around the world, we will provide a forum in which they can come together, share their ideas and experience, educate each other and have their voice as grassroots ambassadors be heard.
  • Peace Starts Here Book: People want peace, love and harmony. People want healthy, dynamic relationships. People want to love and be loved. The problem is that wanting it isn’t enough. People don’t know how to create what they want. The Peace Starts Here book will share a myriad of tools and skills, tips and methods for accessing and achieving a peaceful heart. There is no “one way” to do this, thus the intention of this book will be to share Practices for Peace, inspirational stories and quotes and recommendations from world peacemakers. This is a practical “How to” manual, not merely a motivational piece. This could also be made as an ebook that is downloadable with each purchase of a logo product and the taking of the vows.
  • Musicians Waging Peace—So many young people are impacted, motivated and inspired by music. By asking celebrities to participate in this movement with the awareness of their influence and committing to lyrics that support a healthier community we could make a huge difference.
  • Peace Starts Here in Education: There is a lot of talk about stopping bullies in the schools—but never is it mentioned that schools (teachers and administrators) are often the perpetrators of bullying themselves. The entire educational system from teachers and administrators to parents and students need an education on how to have greater dignity and respect for other human beings.
  •  Peace Assemblies will be offered in which we go into schools and offer peace education, self-esteem training, nature experiences, and common peace practices.  We will offer the performance and teach them to sing the songs. We will encourage the students to take the vow. If appropriate funding/sponsorship is available, we could offer each of the kids a T-shirt with their vow, if not, we could give them a certificate. Vows must be made individually, as if being sworn in, not in a group as we don’t want this to be peer pressure or demeaned in anyway. We want the students to FEEL the importance of the vow they are taking in such a way that it wakes up their soul.
  • Peace Gardens: The creation of peace gardens on school campuses that are designated for students and staff alike to retreat to during the day to reconnect with themselves.
  • Peace Walks: Labyrinths are being recognized the world round as a walking meditation and path of contemplation and peace. Whenever possible w will install Labyrinths in schools, hospitals and public parks as a place designated for accessing and experiencing peace. We have two portable canvas labyrinths that can be brought to various locations for peace walks.
  • Staff retreats—we will offer teacher retreats and in-services in an inspiring, healing, rejuvenating environment and teach peace-enhancing principles to the teachers and administrators.
  • Reawaken the Random Acts of Kindness and Pay it Forward movements: This concept has reemerged over the years through books and movies but seems to get forgotten over time. The Peace Starts Here movement will reawaken the concept of “pay it forward” and “make a difference” by educating, reminding and reinforcing the choice to be kind.
  • Peace Starts Here Public Retreats, workshops and talks will be provided peaceful practices will be offered in various communities. We will train peace ambassadors to create a team of facilitators to ensure a widespread reach.
  • Noble Peace Prize—We’ve all heard of the Nobel Peace Prize offered to those on a grand scale. Rather than just one or two with high visibility, the Noble Peace Prize is a simple acknowledgement to the myriad of peacemakers, peace projects, and individuals making a difference in the movement toward peace.
  • The Invitation: We ask everyone to become self-observant and make it your personal practice to choose peace. Then bring this commitment, through action, in every moment of your day. Simply put, we invite you to: Train Your Brain to Start with Heart—and we offer tools and support to show you how.
  • Stake your claim to Peace!~occupyyourheart11.30We have T-shirts of all different sizes, styles and colors so either stop by The Sacred Garden on Maui or CALL US and we’ll match you up with the T-shirt of your choice. Some of our T-shirts say Peace Starts Here on both sides with the logo above— a reminder that we must journey into our own hearts to find peace and then bring that peace back out into the world. And some have the new Occupy Your Heart message on the back. we have tanks, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve…and multiple colors so call for all the options.They are here! Brand new OCCUPY your HEART Shirts!

    Peace is the Path. Compassion lights the way.

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