Wild Earth Blessings

The Sacred Garden is the EXCLUSIVE OUTLET for these beautiful Hand Made, One of a Kind works of art co-created by Mother Earth and Lauralyn Eschner!

IMG_6991In Hawaii, we have the beautiful tradition of sharing flower and leaf leis as a sign of love and respect as an honoring of those we bestow the lei upon. The sad thing is that leis don’t last long and we have to quickly let them go.

In Buddhism, a Khata scarf is given in the spirit of good wishes and respect and are often given to monks as a greeting; the ultimate Namaste

In Hinduism, flower garlands are offered to welcome important guests, honor deities, and as an exchange between bride and groom at weddings as a sign of purity, beauty, peace and love.

Wild Earth Blessings combines these beautiful traditions to allow you to offer to the ones you love, honor and respect a blessing Khata scarf – magically imprinted with hand chosen, handpicked leaves and flowers creating a permanent lei to adorn for a lifetime.

Scarves: These Stone Washed 16.5 mm Crepe de Chine matte silk scarves are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. They feel buttery-soft, drape beautifully, and are lovingly co-created with the Earth using only leaves and natural dyes. 15” x 60”

Notecards: Coming Soon!


Lauralyn Eschner, artist and arts educator, works her magic to evoke the blessings of the trees and plants, calling forth their unique colors and qualities of healing and beauty. Working only with natural dyes, each scarf is a unique, one of a kind co-creation between the artist and Mother Earth. Once placed around the neck of the intended wearer, the co-creation is complete -blessing grown, blessing evoked, blessing received.




Plants Used: 

Eucalyptus – several varieties, Mulberry, California Red Bud, Pepper Tree, Asparagus Fern

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