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Live the Message! Be the Messenger!

In the 21st century, we must be capable of finding ways to bring about peace other than waging a war. WE MUST WAGE A PEACE!

Let’s do more than pray for world peace, let’s claim our part in it,
Peace Starts Here!”

Peace Starts Here Logo Products

T-Shirts, pocket stones, necklaces, paperweights for the desk, key chains, lapel pins. These products are meant to be powerful reminders to the individuals that peace starts with them. The logos are put on practical products that will be placed in every day places that people will see often, reminding themselves and others of the mission.


Each Peace Starts Here product will come with a written set of vows to be read, committed to and signed by the purchaser.  This “vow” also serves as an affirmation of peace and each individual’s responsibility for it.

“I am an instrument of peace—first in my heart, then in my home, community and the world. I choose to align my words, thoughts, intentions, actions and choices with my commitment to enhance peace and love on the earth.”

The Invitation


We ask everyone to become self-observant and make it your personal practice to choose peace. Then bring this commitment, through action, in every moment of your day. Simply put, we invite you to: Train Your Brain to Start with Heart—and we offer tools and support to show you how.

Stake your claim to Peace!~We have T-shirts of all different sizes, styles and colors so either stop by The Sacred Garden on Maui or CALL US and we’ll match you up with the T-shirt of your choice. Some of our T-shirts say Peace Starts Here on both sides with the logo above— a reminder that we must journey into our own hearts to find peace and then bring that peace back out into the world. And some have the new Occupy Your Heart message on the back. we have tanks, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve…and multiple colors so call for all the options.They are here! Brand new OCCUPY your HEART Shirts!

Peace is the Path. Compassion lights the way

Part of the Peace Starts Here invitation is to spread the concept…that peace begins within. You can certainly create your own symbols and messages for sharing this, however we have created some products to assist you in stating that you are a Peace Messenger!

The Peace Starts Here campaign is sponsored by the Divine Nature Alliance, a 501(c)3,  and all proceeds support the creation of peaceful environments, peace education and products to support peace.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING PRICES ARE FOR THE US. If you are in another country, shipping will be calculated and billed separately (you will have the right to decline and receive refund if shipping is too high).

Peace Starts Here Products

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