Giving Gardens

The Divine Nature Alliance, through the workings of The Sacred Garden staff and volunteers are starting a service called “Giving Gardens.”  The mission of this project is to spread Love, Gratitude and Peace via the gift of a plant/miniature garden to Caregivers, Front Line service givers, veterans, homebound individuals, patients, care-home facilities, shelters, other non-profits, etc.

Our vision is to repurpose coffee cups with sweet messages/pretty pictures on them, old kids shoes (crocks and rubber boots work the best!), pitchers, vases, etc and plant them with succulents, herbs and flowers as a “Garden of Gratitude” for those in service, “Gardens of Love” for those needing care, and “Gardens of Peace” as part of our “Peace Starts Here” Project.

The Sacred Garden happily accepts and gathers donations of pots, mugs, shoes, and other “repurpose-able Planters” from the community. We also accept donations of flowers and vases (even Ball Jars”) for giving bouquets.

Have any orchids that are no longer in bloom? Donate them to Giving Gardens! We will nurse them back into flower, and then pass them on as a Giving Garden to someone in need! We can happily recycle orchids to keep them going, year after year!

The Sacred Garden Staff plants the pots both for resale (to support the project) and for “Giving Gardens” as part of our non-profit service to the community.

Our hope is that this act of kindness spreads the seeds of joy, appreciation, happiness, healing , peace and love from our garden to the hearts of our community.

The Sacred Garden • 460 Kaluanui Rd, Makawao, HI 96768

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