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Here are some reviews and blogs about the garden that I found on the Internet:

Great Article on “Road Trip…along Baldwin Ave” of which The Sacred Garden is a minor side-trip…

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Sacred Hawaiian Site is Reborn in Maui’s Maliko Gulch (Right next door to The Sacred Garden)

These are but a few of the sweet messages left in our guest book:

“Your garden has inspired me to start gardening again. I always dreamed of having a nursery in my yard.” —Ramona

“Because of your garden, I think I’ve finally found peace within myself! (No kidding). One day I want a garden just like this one!”—Alyssa

“The plants, the Labyrinth- this whole space nurtures Heart and Soul. Mahalo nui.” —Lilith

“What a charming place! A happy discovery on Maui!”—The Saive Family

A new and powerful experience! Loved, loved, loved it!”—Debby

“Glad you took the time to make that beautiful labyrinth for us to enjoy. Beautiful, peaceful place.”—Laura

“The only sounds in the outside labyrinth were crunch of the gravel and birdsongs. Amazing!” —Dave and Kay

“Thank you for the peaceful, restful moment in time. The center of the labyrinth under the tree is where it is at!”— Maria and Winston

“Thank you Eve and the Heavens for this beautiful place!”—Pete and James

“Full Moon Walk- Wow! Learned so many things about me! ” — Kary

“Mahalo for a joyful experience full of peace and gratitude.” —Marion

“Full Moon Labyrinth Walk: An unforgettable experience a reminder of our inner journeys without ego, living in the present moment. Love and joy. Aloha.” —Christi

“Thank you for an amazing experience in the labyrinth. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and beautiful energy!” – —Waioni

“Thank you for providing such a beautiful space for the Labyrinth. I will hold the feel of the breeze, the song of the birds and the vision of the Kukui trees overhead. Also, the rocks and streambed. Mahalo” —Megan

“Thank you for the serenity and depth of presence. We are blessed.”—Cindy and Tom

“A beautiful place – the vibes are just right!”—Margot

“Thank you for sharing this place of Holy Reverence and Self-Awareness” —Scott

“Heavenly, spiritual, calming, peaceful! —Pamela

“We are so glad we visited The Sacred Garden. It is a blessing to be able to meditate in God’s beauty—nature.”— Rowena

“Mahalo for sacred space where all my peace melted in grace.” —Claire

“Mahalo for the most serene place to meditate and renew.” —Maha

“A wonderful experience and spiritual depth. Maui is my paradise on Earth and knowing now about the Sacred Garden I know I will return many times. Bless you for sharing and your very hard work and determination.” Bet

“Muy bello lugar que muestra la belleza de la Madre Tierra mostrando su amorosidad infinita y dandole a cada uno que ha visitamos mucha paz. Gracias por ester lugar. Con Carino- M Ines~Oaxaca, Mexico Translation: “Very beautiful place that shows the beauty of Mother Earth giving her infinite love and peace to everyone who everyone who visits here. Thank you for this place.”

“This is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been. Thank you for the experience.” —Ashley

“Absolutely Beautiful! A breath of fresh air. Many Blessings to you for sharing.”— Arlene

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