Dish Gardens

The Sacred Garden specializes in Fairy Gardens and Living Shrines!


We have a variety of statues, rocks, plants and fairy furniture with which you can make your own creation or you can purchase a Maui-made magical  gift for a friend or loved one (or for yourself!)

When Eve was a little girl her mom taught her how to make dish gardens and it was one of their favorite things to do. When Eve’s nieces were born, Eve taught them how to make Fairy Gardens and the tradition carried on. We now pass this love on to you!

dishgardenWhether you seek a dish garden for yourself or as a gift, or want to make one, we are happy to assist you!

WE can also offer Dish Garden Making gatherings! Bring friends and create their own Fairy Gardens or Living Shrines!

We have also created the super adorable “CrocPots” — succulent garden planters made out of children’s shoes and boots. Adorable!



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