Guidelines for Labyrinth Walking

Guidelines for walking the labyrinth:

An ancient path of pilgrimage, rich with meaning, serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery, stress reduction, gaining awareness and clarity, as well as a path of prayer and spiritual renewal.

The magic of the labyrinth walk happens with metaphor. Whatever you experience on the labyrinth will mirror what need to see in your life. Walk not to learn about the labyrinth, but to learn about yourself.

Just like a pilgrimage, the labyrinth offers a three-fold path…

The walk into the labyrinth, is a time for contemplating your life and letting go of any inner obstacles you may encounter—stress, grief, thoughts, feelings—in preparation for reaching the center. Be self-observant. What do you notice about yourself as you walk? Are your choices serving you? Experiment with how you move through the labyrinth of life.

The center—the sacred destination is a time for silent meditation, contemplation and renewal. Bring your attention to the present moment and notice how you feel. Stay in the center as long as you like, until you feel complete.

The return journey back out—the return journey back out—offers a time for integrating the insights that we gained on the labyrinth and    implementing them into our lives.

Let go of expectations. The message of the labyrinth is often subtle. Just relax and enjoy this peaceful path of prayer.

Find your own pace. Some people will want to walk swiftly, others will walk slowly. Some will run, others will dance. Experiment and find the right pace for you.

It is okay to pass. Utilize the 180-degree turns to step off the path to let someone pass, or to maneuver around someone who is walking more slowly ahead of you.

The labyrinth is a two-way street, meaning that those who have already reached the center will be coming out as you go in. Simply pay attention to where you are on the labyrinth, step aside, resume your position and continue on your way.

Emotions may be evoked, simply breathe and observe. Remember that everything is metaphor and the labyrinth will mirror for you anything you need to see.


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