Help Rod fund Support Dog, Junior!

The Divine Nature Alliance (Non-Profit 501c3 that runs The Sacred Garden) has funded getting this support dog, Junior, to a dear veteran in need, Rod Quigley.

Rod used to live on Maui and would come to The Sacred Garden to help, especially on full moon labyrinth walks…. Rod came, not for himself, but to serveā€”setting up and taking down chairs, and helping with parking.

Rod is a Veteran and served at Camp Lejeune, which now is known as a cause of cancer to the marines that were stationed there. Rod is fighting severe cancer right now and the government just denied any support. Rod is so impressive because he is so full of love and devotion to God regardless of (or perhaps because of) his diagnosis, pain and challenges.

As his cancer progresses, he is in need of a mobility support dog to help keep him from falling down. A wonderful organization (Dandy Dawgs) has managed to work some miracles to get him a dog, Junior, who is specially trained for the specific help Rod needs. The service dog people started a go fund me for Rod, but he needs the dog NOW so The Divine Nature AllianceĀ  fully funded the Go Fund Me ($4450) AND ROD GETS THE DOG NOW!!!

Rod is beside himself in joy and gratitude…and our hearts are all swelling with the joy of helping him.

Would you like to be a part of this good feeling??

The Divine Nature Alliance is gratefully accepting tax-deductible donations

(Tax number 27-2087600) to help support this sweet service to a truly deserving man. Prayers are also gratefully accepted!!! Thank you so much!