Animals in the Garden

We kindly ask you NOT to bring your dogs into the garden unless  you are able to carry it the entire time you are here… We have ducks, chickens, parrots and cats on the property whose safety we are responsible for—including our guests. Thank you so much for understanding!

We have two parrots—one African Grey and One Cockatoo in the garden. Please note for those sensitive to “caging birds” that we do NOT support the bird trade. Our birds are rescue birds from homes in which they were no longer able to either be safe, happy or properly cared for. OUR BIRDS ARE DEEPLY LOVED, well cared for  and we take them out of their houses EVERY day. We see their homes as PROTECTION for them (and in some cases, you), not “caging” them. We appreciate the concern of those who would prefer to see the birds free, we get it. However, we prefer to see the birds alive, healthy and happy…and our birds are!


Meet Shanti! Shanti (“Peace” in Sanskrit) is an African Grey Parrot. He joined us in July of 2015 at 20 years old. He adds a lot of levity and is a majestic addition!

rockyMeet Rocky! Rocky is a Cockatoo that joined the garden in 2020 at 28 years old. He is a little sensitive about men and when people get a little too close, but in general he is a snuggle bunny and lover bird! We are so grateful we were able to give him a larger home, the opportunity to get out every day and to get held and snuggled!

kumuKumu (“teacher” in Hawaiian) is our adorable and extremely friendly Golden Retriever. SUPER Sweet!


Kiki—our magical black kitty, has taken up residence in the garden and is often found in meditation groups and labyrinth walks.

Sol—our gray, striped tabby, enjoys his afternoon naps in the garden, as well as snuggles anytime!

We also have wild chickens and beloved hand-raised ducks, turtles, and koi!