Peace Starts Here Products

Live the Message! Be the Messenger!

Part of the Peace Starts Here invitation is to spread the concept…that peace begins within. You can certainly create your own symbols and messages for sharing this, however we have created some products to assist you in stating that you are a Peace Messenger!

The Peace Starts Here campaign is sponsored by the Divine Nature Alliance, a 501(c)3,  and all proceeds support the creation of peaceful environments, peace education and products to support peace.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING PRICES ARE FOR THE US. If you are in another country, shipping will be calculated and billed separately (you will have the right to decline and receive refund if shipping is too high).

PSHitalyPeace Starts Here Medallions are $6 each and come with a postcard explaining the mission. We encourage you to buy them in multiples so you can Pass the Peace Forward! So we have multiple medallion discounts. (Please note, if you click on the wrong button for the quantity you desire, you will be charged the wrong amount and thus adjustments will need to be made prior to shipping. Thank you!

1-10 Medallions + Postcards $6 each

 This “Buy Now” button is for 1-10 medallions.

11-20 Medallions + Postcards $5 each.

 This Buy Now button is for 11-20 medallions.

21-50 Medallions + Postcards $4 each

 This Buy Now button is for 21-50 medallions.

51+Medallions + Postcards $3 each plus shipping.

 This Buy Now button is for 51+ medallions.Our supplier is super busy and may take a little while to get more in large quantities so let us know asap if you will be wanting MORE!

You can also retail the Peace Starts Here Medallions, but please keep in mind this movement is about the message, not about the money!


The postcards that come with Peace Starts Here products look like this (you can opt out of receiving the postcard if you prefer not to):











Peace Starts Here Pewter Pendants on a chain (pictured on a leather strap, which is available if preferred but we switched them all to a chain.) $22 + 3.95 shipping

These also come with the postcard.


 Peace Starts Here Polished River Rocks!

$6 each (contact us if multiples are desired). These also come with the postcard.

Peace Starts Here Heart Rocks and Eve’s Heart Rocks

(In the pic below, the “Eve’s Heart” design is on the left, the Peace Starts Here design is on the right)


Peace Starts Here 4″ Heart Rock $26

Peace Starts Here 2″ Heart Rock $12

logorocksEve’s Heart Rock  (come in rock as pictured above or glass)

 4″ Rock Eve’s Heart
 4″ Glass Eve’s Heart
Eve’s Heart Rock 2″ $12
 2″ Rock Eve’s Heart
 2″ Glass Eve’s Heart

tshirtlogo Peace Starts Here T-shirts

These t-shirts come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors (v-neck, tank tops, men’s

styles, long sleeve, short sleeve).

They all have the Peace Starts Here logo on them.

$25 each, please call The Sacred Garden for available sizes and colors. 808-573-7700



Also available:

onaSacred Garden Aprons with large Eve’s Heart Logo on front and Peace Starts Here Logo in small on the pocket. $30 plus shipping

We have a variety of colors, so feel free to call The Sacred Garden and ask what is in stock.

evesheartpendantEve’s Heart Pewter Pendants on a chain (pictured on a leather strap, which is available if preferred but we switched them all to a chain.) $22 + 3.95 shipping

Eve’s Heart Logo is very sweet…here’s the story.

Eve’s Heart Sterling Pendants on Sterling Chain $36

These are very beautiful and have the ability to be hung in four different directions depending on your mood. Shown below, the first is symbolic of the journey into your own heart to access love and peace and bring it back out into the world. The second direction is symbolic of an Om symbolic of God, the third is the Divine Feminine…and we will leave it to your imagination why, and the forth spells the name Eve…the mother of humanity.