Makawao Parade 2019

19642362_1907677029505156_1425524256488516888_nLove The Sacred Garden???!!!!


Keep your eyes on this page as more information is to come!

Here is our vision (but Shhhh so no one else does the same thing!)

We would love as many kids (of all ages including teens if they want to!) and their moms/dads to join us. We would like to have everyone push/pull a wagon or wheel barrow planted as a garden, dish garden or fairy garden. The kids (and adults) can dress up as Fairies, butterflies, insects or animals if they want to, or just wear a Sacred Garden t-shirt or apron if they prefer.


We have a huge blow up globe that we will have as a centerpiece either in a trailer pulled by a truck, or in a wheelbarrow/wagon also.

We are open to other ideas but we think kids as future gardeners/farmers and custodians of the earth is a sweet message….and will be adorable. The more the merrier! Please note that the parade route is about 2 miles, so little ones have to be okay walking and lIMG_3207ooking happy! LOL….and they don’t get to watch the parade as well when they are in it. We try cuing them up at the beginning of the parade route (around Makawao Elementary) so they can watch all the entries before The Sacred Garden before joining the parade and then they can see the rest of the parade at the end (by Eddie Tam) after we have reached the end.


We would be happy to host planting workshop(s) to help you plant your wagon or wheelbarrow as a dish garden or fairy garden perhaps on the Saturdays of June to get everyone ready.


We will need to know how many and who is really committed by June, for sure. If you bring us a blank t-shirt, sweatshirt or apron by June 1 we can have it printed for you to wear in the parade (we will have some extras for people as well!)


Please contact Eve directly at to let me know you are in or if you have more questions. My cell is 808-280-5294 You can also sign up in The Sacred Garden! THANK YOU!