Coronavirus Policy



As of March 16, The Sacred Garden is temporarily closed to the public as a precaution due to the coronavirus situation to keep visitors and our staff, safe and healthy. We hope this is VERY temporary but it appears no one truly knows what will happen.

marjilightDue to the number of people who were coming and playing in the stream, and due to no supervision, due to the liability, and due to the likelihood that our dog will come join you during a pandemic (we can potentially infect you and vice versa) and due to the Stay at Home orders, we have had to also close the labyrinth to the public.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE SOMETHING IN THE GARDEN, or would like an appointment, call Eve at 808-280-5294. (An entrance fee may apply.)

We are truly sorry that we cannot open the garden for everyone to enjoy. We decided that closing was the most responsible action at this time. Thank you!