Animals in the Garden

We have a huge dog, a tiny dog, chickens, roosters, a parrot and cats on the property, so for their safety, the safety of our other guests and your own pet’s safety,  we humbly as that you please LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME….Thank you so much for understanding.

bodhi7circuitMeet Bodhi! A St. Bernard/Rotweiller, Bodhi weigh 175-180 and is a ton of love. He has been greeting people at the garden since he was 8 weeks old.










charlieMeet Charlie! Charlie is the companion of Joey, our Sacred Gardener, so when Joey is on duty, Charlie isn’t far behind. He is a Chihuahua of the sweetest kind.








Meet Shanti! Shanti is an African Grey Parrot. He joined us in July of 2015 at 20 years old. He adds a lot of levity and is a majestic addition!





vivachicksMeet Viva aka Lucky Bean aka Henny Penny! She is a super friendly chicken that decided scraps from Shanti were a great treat. She hung out with us until she was called to lay eggs and make a family…now she brings her babies around for baby sitting services.




Meet Jachamo! Jachamo just wandered in one day and decided he liked it here. He is very friendly and beautiful.