The Sacred Garden

A  nursery, a peace sanctuary, a retreat center,  a botanical garden, a school, a creativity center, and a temple!

The Sacred Garden is the happy home of:

• A variety of plants, Living Shrines, Fairy Gardens and great ideasupperleveltable

• Two walking labyrinths,

• Meditation gardens,marblequanyin

• Picnic or sitting areas.

Inspiration, creativity, beauty and peace are the undeniable themes of the garden.

FREE and open 7-days a week for the public to enjoy! (more…)

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Under a beautiful Kukui forest, The Sacred Garden on Maui is home to two labyrinths: 

labyrinthmarji• A medieval 11-circuit labyrinth outdoors and

7circuitA classical 7-circuit labyrinth in the greenhouse.

The labyrinths are free to walk daily (donations are gratefully accepted) and available during the nursery’s open hours (10am to 5pm daily).

A Full Moon Labyrinth Walk is offered monthly.  A group talk and walk is offered EVERY THURSDAY 3:00pm.


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What To Do

Make Memories • What to do while visiting the garden:

journalingGet inspired! The nursery is full of fun, creative ideas! Whether you just want to bask in the presence of unique tropical plants and  beautiful orchids, or get inspired to create your own sacred garden at home, The Sacred Garden on Maui will fill you with ideas while filling you with peace! Have kids? They will love it here too!

labyrinthwalkersWalk a labyrinth or two! The Sacred Garden has two labyrinths—walking meditations or contemplative paths that are equally loved by children and adults. Whether walked for “fun” or for clarity, stress release and self-discovery, it is an experience not to be missed.  New in 2015: Public Labyrinth Presentations and Walks EVERY THURSDAY 3:00pm, no RSVP needed, by donation.  If you are on Maui for the full moon, come to the full moon labyrinth walk! (more…)

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